Torchlight III Full Release Scheduled for Next Month, Each Platform Gets an Exclusive Pet


Torchlight III’s journey to release has been a somewhat complex one, as the game morphed from a free-to-play MMO to a more traditional co-op dungeon hack, then spent several months in early access, but the game finally arrives in full next month. Depending on which platform you play on, you’ll get an exclusive “Glittersprite” fairy pet – Steam gets the Violet Glittersprite, Xbox One gets the Verdant Glittersprite, PlayStation 4 gets the Azure Glittersprite, and Switch gets the Ashen Glittersprite. You can check out a trailer for the early access version of Torchlight III, below.

Embracer Acquires Perfect World Entertainment, Dark Horse, Shiver, DIGIC, and Spotfilm

Need to know more? Here’s a rundown of Torchlight III’s key features:

  • Travel the Frontier: Players can explore the wilderness, party with friends, gather materials to craft loot, use magical maps to enter unknown dungeons, or show off their spoils in town! There’s always something to do in the new frontier.
  • Build & Upgrade Your Fort: It’s time to rebuild! Players will enjoy their very own account-based fort, where they can upgrade gear, and make renovations to show it off to their friends and the world. The game allows them to build monuments of power, pet stables, and more!
  • Choose a Relic: Relics are objects of great power that grant players a suite of active skills and passive skills. Players will choose one of five of these at the beginning of their journey and use skill points to unlock or enhance their relic’s abilities. The relic is an important part of a character's strategy - choose wisely!
  • Collect Epic Gear: Suit up in a robust variety of armor and weapons found across the frontier including charming hats, pet apparel, and unique locomotion options. Players can select from a wide array of weapons that suit their playstyle and class build. With over a hundred Legendary items, players can permanently acquire their special abilities in order to make themselves more unique and powerful.
  • Pets are Back: Players can fight their way to fame and glory with loyal companions! Each of the many species comes in a myriad of colors and styles so adventurers shouldn’t settle for the first one they find. They can make these trusty pets stronger by adding skills, equip them with gear to make them hardier, and together battle enemies as a team. Pets also have their own vast inventory for items, and players have the option to have their pets sell items directly in town.
  • Build Your Hero: With four classes to choose from, along with 20 class and Relic combinations and a wide range of choices of where to place skill points at, players can utilize class-specific mechanics to maximize damage and their odds of survival. Torchlight III lets them gather epic gear, select your Relic powers, and customize loadouts to create a unique combat style for their heroes.

Torchlight III hits PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 13. The Switch version arrives later in 2020.