7 Top macOS Catalina Features You Should Try Out Today

Uzair Ghani
top macOS Catalina features

These are the top macOS Catalina features which everyone should try out after installing the brand new OS from Cupertino.

Just Installed macOS 10.15? Here are the Top macOS Catalina Features Worth Trying Out

macOS Catalina is finally, finally here. After 10 betas, it almost felt like Apple is aiming to break past and present records for the most pre-release builds release for an existing software. But enough of that, and Catalina is here. We're super excited about it too.

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So, if you are one of the first few who managed to install macOS Catalina, then these are the top macOS Catalina features which you should try out right away. And trust me when I say this; this is the coolest release of macOS to date.

Sidecar - Your Mac's second screen

Sidecar is one of the top macOS Catalina features around

Probably the best feature there is in Catalina. It turns your iPad into a secondary display for your Mac. And the best part? It works wirelessly! Simply make sure your Mac and your iPad are on the same network, and running iPadOS, of course. Now click on the AirPlay button in the menu bar on your Mac and select your iPad for the extended display. Simple.

Apple Arcade - Your ticket to gaming

Apple Arcade is a super cool addition in Catalina

Available on iOS 13, iPadOS, tvOS 13 and now macOS Catalina, Apple Arcade immerses you in the world of gaming with over 100+ titles available at launch. There are no in-app purchases, no extra fees - just pay once and you're good to go for the entire month. Head over to the Mac App Store to sign up now for $4.99 a month. And hey, there's a free month-long trial in there too!

All-New Photos Experience

top macOS Catalina features

If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled and everything is well in sync, then you're in for a treat on macOS Catalina. The all-new Photos app puts focus on your best photos and highlights them in the app as a giant thumbnail. Try it right now.

Mac Catalyst - Your favorite iPad apps on the big screen

Did you know that your iPad apps now run on your Mac too? Just head over to the Mac App Store, search for your favorite app, if the developer has updated it, you can download it straight to your Mac and use it on the larger screen. Talk about convenience, right?

Music, TV & Podcasts - No more bloated iTunes software

iTunes has been axed. It has been replaced with three new apps in macOS Catalina - namely Music, TV and Podcasts. As the name suggests, they do exactly what they should but now in a far more cleaner interface in the most efficient way possible. No more fiddling around with iTunes in this release. We're thankful for that.

Notes - Organizing taken to the next level

Before Catalina, it's hard to imagine what taking and organizing notes was like. With a beautiful gallery view, your notes are now front and center, ready to be read, edited or sent away to anyone at all. Though it seems mild, but it's one of the top macOS Catalina features around which we all love here.

Screen Time - See how much do you slack off

Ever wondered how much time you spend on your favorite app? Screen Time is here, the feature which we all love on iOS and iPadOS. Head over to System Preferences now and treat yourself to a dose of embarrassment, or maybe a huge win.

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