Top LG G3 Custom ROMs Based on the Sweetness of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Rafia Shaikh

Getting past yesterday's incident of exploding LG G3, we are focusing on some top LG G3 custom ROMs. LG's G3 remained one of the most favorites flagship Android smartphones of 2014. As the year ends and you give and get gifts (which might include LG G3 too!), here are some helpful custom ROMs to gear start your journey with the beautiful device.

Top LG G3 custom ROMs:

If you aren't a fan of LG's stock firmware, there is no need of keeping up with it. The beauty of Android truly lies in the ability to have system access and tweak the software to your needs. Once you have rooted your LG G3, here are the top LG G3 custom ROMs that proved to behave good, extend the smartphone's functionality, and give extensive customization options to suit different priorities.

Here are the top 3 LG G3 custom ROMs; if you have any other favorite custom ROM for LG G3, don't forget to let us know and we will update the list to match with your favorites.

- LiquidSmooth for LG G3:

LiquidSmooth is a popular custom firmware that is available for almost every major device. The latest version of the ROM - LiquidSmooth v4.0 - brings the stock beauty of Android 5.0 Lollipop with the typical customization of the ROM. Customize status bar icons, advance south setting, Quick Settings and notifications among other tons of settings and tweak the ROM to what you want out of your smartphone.

- Resurrection Remix for LG G3:

Based on CyanogenMod, Omni custom ROM and the original Remix ROM, this Resurrection Remix custom firmware is quite popular thanks to its overflowing list of features. Stable performance, extensive customization choices, and filled with tweaks and mods are the highlights of this ROM. Here is the official list of Resurrection Remix features:

  • Dark Material Theme
  • Quick-Smart Pulldown
  • Buttons
  • Battery mods
  • Heads up
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • ClockColor options
  • Statusbar clock customization + second + fonts
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Toast animations
  • Add changelog
  • Listview animations
  • Navigation bar dimensions
  • Add Weather display to status bar header
  • Quick unlock
  • Overall Speed up system
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Brand new music and audio fx app from cyanogen
  • Included all cm 12 features

- ChupaChups custom ROM:

This funky-named custom firmware is named after the popular confectionery brand aptly based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. The LG G3 custom ROM provides stock Lollipop experience with added tweaks and customization levels. You can learn more about the ROM and how to install it via this XDA thread.

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