Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Deadly Traps Premium – Adventure of Hell and More


The titles are free for a limited time only and become paid at any moment. If you see a price next to the “install” button, it isn’t free anymore. Similarly, If you see a price next to the “install” button, without a strikethrough showing the reduced amount, it isn’t on sale anymore. Once you download a paid title that’s free or on sale, it’s yours to keep even after the promotion ends, and you can reinstall it on any other device linked with the same Google Play ID.


Deadly Traps Premium - Adventure of Hell

Today’s List of Paid Games That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including Baldur’s Gate II and More

Deadly Traps is a fast-paced platformer where the levels are filled with many dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way. It is not a unfair platformer but its very challenging. Your goal is to reach the portal to complete the level. The game is full of traps and very much challenging. Each level requires skill, death and practice. Deadly traps is a hardcore platformer, an exciting, challenging game.

Download Deadly Traps Premium - Adventure of Hell

On Sale

Pocket war 2K

Pocket war 2K is an overview shooting game in which the main player leads an army against the Karrate aliens.

You will command the greatest war known to man by an army who can attack, defend or follow your enemy.

Reinforcement is on the way! you will gain more help by collecting the eagle emblems appearing before every level or randomly emerging during the game:

Download Pocket war 2K

Rima: The Story Begins - Adventure Game

- Gamepad/Controller Support (gameplay Only).
- Experience console quality gaming on your Android phone or tablet.
- Set your own graphics options depending on your Android device.
- Enjoy playing in picturesque scenes with HDR quality (if supported).
- Choose the overall difficulty of the game.
- Customizable UI to play with more confidence.

Download Rima: The Story Begins - Adventure Game

Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free And on Sale at the Play Store Including Trigono and More

PDF Editor & Creator, Tool, Merge, Watermark


✔️ Merge multiple PDF's into Single PDF

✔️ Split single PDF into Multiple PDF's

✔️ PDF to Text Converter

✔️ Change PDF Background (Image & Color)

✔️ Images to PDF converter

✔️ PDF to Image Converter

✔️ Reduce PDF file size on One Click

✔️ Web page to PDF converter

✔️ Delete Pages from Pdf

✔️ Encrypt Pdf

✔️ Decrypt Pdf

✔️ Extract Images from PDF

✔️ Extract Pages from Pdf

✔️ Rotate Pages in PDF

✔️ Add WaterMark in Pdf

✔️ Output Directory for managing your files (open , Rename , Delete , Share)

Download PDF Editor & Creator, Tool, Merge, Watermark

Vibro. Profile Scheduler

• Switching: Ring / Vibration / Do Not Disturb *
• Do Not Disturb modes: Silence / Only Alarms / Priority mode
• Volume: Media / Alarm / Ring / Voice Call (Notifications / System if supported)
• Gradually increase the ring volume when receiving a call *
• WiFi, Bluetooth
• Do not consume battery *
• No ads and inner purchases

Download Vibro. Profile Scheduler

Mobile Observatory 3 Pro - Astronomy

- Completely new user interface
- 45000 stars plus optionally 2.5 mio stars for download
- Photorealistic display of the night and day sky with correctly illuminated landscape. Its the only app on Android which renders the sky physically correct, taking into account atmospheric scattering. Only the real sky is more beautiful...
- Augumented sky view using your device's camera
- 3D-view of the Solar System
- Cardboard viewing of the night sky or the Solar System in 3D
- Map of the Earth showing day and night
- Lots of great widgets for your home screen
- Daily notifications of current celestial events
- More than 60000 Minor Planets with daily updates of orbital parameters
- More than 1000 Comets with daily updates
- Artificial Satellites including the International Space Station (ISS)
- ... and much much more...

Download Mobile Observatory 3 Pro - Astronomy

Mushroom Identification

– Instantly identify any mushroom down to species from photo or camera.
– High quality database maintained by scientists and collaborators around the world.
– Study idenitified mushrooms on Wikipedia.
– Mushroom identifying anywhere anytime.
– Diary book for mushroom identifications.
– 24/7 support for mushroom identification.

Download Mushroom Identification