Thermaltake Unveils The the Versa T25 TG/ T35 TG RGB & H330 TG/ H350 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake has introduced four budget-friendly chassis, the Versa T25 TG/ T35 TG RGB & H330 TG/ H350 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis. The overall designs allow users to display their interior designs clearly, the new Versa T25 TG and Versa T35 TG RGB Chassis comes with two tempered glass panels at the front and on the left side. While Versa T25 TG has a plain full-size tempered glass front panel, and the Versa T35 TG RGB has an RGB belt across the front panel that can be controlled by the RGB button on the IO-port; exhibiting two RGB stripes and some angles that bring some twist to the Versa series.

Thermaltake Intros New Mid-Tower PC Cases - Consistent RGB Lighting Throughout The Lineup With Different Front Panels

Being one of the two RGB enclosures the H350 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis inherits the consistent RGB lighting design while bringing in some new elements into the H series. The H350 TG RGB also has an RGB button along with a controllable RGB stripe which slashes through the matte front panel, distinguishing it from the previous version.

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The H330 TG, however, has a trapezoid-shaped solid panel while leaving the rest of the front panel with a meshed filtered design. Both H330 TG and H350 TG RGB enclosures have a tempered glass side panel for users to show off their design as well. These entry-level chassis all have inlets on the front panel to maximize air intake, and each comes with a preinstalled 120mm fan at the rear. These four enclosures not only do they bring a new appearance to the Thermaltake chassis family but ensure excellent ventilation.

Thermaltake Versa T35 TG RGB Mid-Tower PC Case:


Thermaltake Versa T25 TG RGB Mid-Tower PC Case:


The Versa T25 TG/ T35 TG RGB comes with two 4mm tempered glass panels at the front and left, and the H330 TG/ H350 TG RGB comes with one 4mm tempered glass panel on the left side. Compared to standard acrylic panels, tempered glass panels are thicker and more scratch resistant. On top of this, the full-size side panel design allows you to display and enjoy your RGB components. A handy magnetic fan filter on the top attaches for easy dust filtration and particulate protection. At the base of the chassis, additional fan filters can provide excellent protection against both dirt and dust.

Thermaltake H350 TG RGB Mid-Tower PC Case:


Thermaltake H330 TG RGB Mid-Tower PC Case:

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Versa T25 TG, Versa T35 TG RGB, H330 TG, and H350 TG RGB have great expendable options. They can all support a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 150mm; GPU placement supports up to 300mm in length; power supply with a length of up to 200 mm (without HDD Rack) and 160mm (with HDD Rack) and RAM height limitation of up to 60mm (with the radiator). For optimum ventilation, all four chassis can house up to two 200mm at the front, two 140mm on the top, and one 120mm at the rear. As for All-in-one liquid cooling, the four chassis can install a 360 mm series at the front and 240mm Series on the top.

Versa T25 TG, Versa T35 TG RGB, H330 TG, and H350 TG RGB all have one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 to grand direct access when needed. Besides that, Versa T35 TG RGB and H350 TG RGB include an easy to access RGB button on the right side of the top panel for switching RGB lights and effects.

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