HYTE launches the Y60 case for ultimate viewing of components with their modern aesthetic choices

HYTE, the newest PC component and peripheral brand from iBUYPOWER, announced the HYTE Y60 ATX PC case to their growing line of devices.

HYTE offers ultimate viewing of components with their modern aesthetic choices in the newest Y60 ATX-compatible PC case


HYTE's new Y60 ATX PC case showcases several panoramic views of the internal computer components of anyone's PC rig. This is made possible by the company's bezel-less, three-part, removable, tempered glass panel design that surrounds the front and sides of the case. With the ability to remove glass panels easily, the remainder of the case offers chamfered molding on both the ceiling and floor of the chassis to direct onlookers to the inner workings of the PC. HYTE effortlessly creates a uniquely modern aesthetic with the Y60 ATX case, allowing the system to be displayed via glass panels. Consumers will have the ability to choose from three colorways— white and black, black and black, and red and black—to fit the user's chosen aesthetic of their PC setup.

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We drove the engineers crazy with the Y60. As a product team, we had an obsession over design details to really make the case evoke a sense of excitement and joy, even if some of it was incredibly difficult to manufacture. The end result made it worth it though, in the end, you get a case that makes you experience that joy simply by looking at your system, even when you aren't using it.

— Brad Soken, Lead Product Manager, HYTE


Manufactured exclusively to mount the GPU vertically, HYTE's Y60 includes a 4.0 PCIe riser cable, supporting the latest and most premium performing GPUs on the market. The color of the riser canopy matches the external color of the case, creating a unified aesthetic, while the GPU mounts below the floor of the case, hiding the PCB and slot underneath. The HYTE Y60 gives users the ability to install half-height expansion cards, capture cards, or PCIe SSDs behind the mounted GPU in the case.

HYTE carefully crafted the Y60 case with a continuous ventilation pattern that flows over the top of the chassis, down the rear of the case, and continues to the internal floor. A total of three 120 mm fans are pre-installed—one in the rear for exceptional exhaust and two in the bottom of the chassis to offer efficient cooling of the GPU. Users will also have the ability to mount, in two locations, radiators with compatibility of up to 280 mm on the side of the case and up to 360 mm on the top of the chassis.

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