Montech launches three airflow-centric PC cases starting at $69.99

Montech proudly reveals three new cases to their line of PC component and peripherals products. The new cases support 360° front-mounted radiators, innovative quick-slide front dust filters, and the ability to access the inner workings of any of their cases with their tool-less design.

Montech announces their new line of cases—the AIR 1000 PREMIUM, LITE, and SILENT cases, starting at $69.99

Montech's innovation to their new PC cases promote easy accessiblity and efficient airflow. With their low-cost, the three new cases offer an accessible option for any user.

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The AIR 1000 series is equipped with features designed to improve the PC building, performance, and maintenance. A push pin mechanism ensures quick and tool-less removal of the front panel. A quick slide-out dust filter is located behind the front panel for fast cleaning. Behind the motherboard tray, rubber grommets and multiple tie points can be found to help with cable management. Up to a 360 radiator can be fitted at the front of the case to ensure sufficient cooling of the CPU. And for the PREMIUM and LITE, the left side panel is made of strong tempered glass on swivels for easy access to the components inside.

Highlights of each of Montech's new AIR 1000 line of cases are

  • AIR 1000 PREMIUM - Includes 2x front panels (mesh and glass), 3x 140mm (front) and 1x 120mm (rear) ARGB fans, and ARGB control hub.
  • AIR 1000 LITE - Airflow focus with 3x120mm high airflow fans and removable front mesh panel.
  • AIR 1000 SILENT - Features unique sound dampening vinyl paint and 3x120mm quiet fans.

Each case supports up to 360 front-mounted radiators, innovative quick-slide front dust filter, tool-less and easy to remove front panel, swivel full-glass side panel (except Silent edition).


The AIR 1000 PREMIUM supplies consumers with a tool-less design for ease of access. Users have the option of either a glass front panel, displaying the front fan’s aRGB lighting, or have the option for a front mesh panel promoting increased airflow capability. Both front panel options are included with the AIR 1000 PREMIUM case, as well as 3x 140mm (front) and 1x 120mm (rear) pre-installed ARGB fans, as well as a control hub for high customization. The Montech AIR 1000 PREMIUM is available in black and white case options.


The Montech AIR 1000 LITE is heavily focused on promoting the best airflow possible with its accessible and removable fine-mesh front panel, along with the included 3x 120 high airflow fans—two located in the front of the case, and one on the rear panel. Adequate airflow is possible with the fine mesh used for the case's front panel, as well as the two open setions along the front panel, and dust filtered openings along both the top and bottom of the case. The Montech AIR 1000 LITE is also available in black and white options.


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The AIR 1000 SILENT edition is the ultimate in stealthy looking cases. The SILENT line of Montech's AIR 1000 line is only available in black. The case is equipped with 3x 120mm quiet fans, with two on the front and one located in the rear of the case. The side panels are specifically lined with a layer of high-quality soundproofing vinyl material, ensuring that your system will remain very quiet during intense workflows, and is a perfect choice for professional sound recording studios.

Montech's AIR 1000 series cases are available on Newegg, starting at $69.99 and range as high as $95.99. For more information on Montech's product lines, follow this link to see their wide range of products for your PC needs.

Source: Montech, Newegg

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