The Witcher Netflix Show May Release On December 17th


The Witcher Netflix show still lacks a solid release date, but it seems like it will be released this December.

As spotted by Redanian Intelligence, the Netflix official Facebook page recently posted about upcoming shows and movies releasing on the platforms. The Witcher show is, according to the post, 97 days before release from September 11th, meaning that it should on December 17th. The post has since been deleted, so it's likely that the release date has been announced earlier than intended.

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Last month, we heard about the possibility of the series to release on November 1st. The release date was not locked due to post-production work not being over yet at the time.

The Witcher major filming has wrapped for Season 1 plus all major filming for the series has been completed. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean every bit of filming is complete because the series is undergoing some reshoots after the recasting of a major character.

From here, the show enters post-production where it will hopefully be finished in time for its late 2019 release at the end of Oct 2019.
One likely release date for the episodes of #TheWitcher is Friday, November 1.

The Witcher Netflix show will release before the end of the year. We will let you know more about the precise launch date as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.