The Witcher 3 Mod ‘True Fires’ Massively Improves Fires, Lights and Shadows


A new The Witcher 3 mod called 'True Fires' was released last week on Nexus Mods by creator sw3dg1n.

The mod's goal is to improve all aspects of fires, including fires themselves, meshes of fire sources, light sources, and shadows.

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In addition, this The Witcher 3 mod contains countless fixes related to fires, meshes, light sources and shadows in general. Besides this, it also incorporates quest-related improvements and fixes as well as several additional improvements and changes related to fire sources which do not fall into these categories.

It also incorporates most of Hyadum27's fantastic New Fires mod (shadow version) although I changed quite a few of the fires.

Furthermore, the mod was tailored to be used together with MrR0x's amazing Immersive Lighting mod. However, it is compatible with any lighting mod, it might just be that some things do not look like intended when using a different lighting mod or, god forbid, Vanilla lighting.

More Shadows for Toussaint is fully compatible as it only edits BaW files which True Fires does not touch. VGX Burning Village Cutscene is fully compatible and complements True Fires really well.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is mostly compatible and for full compatibility you can download the compatibility patch, see "Installation" for details. If you do not use the compatibility patch for whatever reason, make sure to give True Fires priority. In that case you won't have HDRP meshes & textures for the square braziers and metal wall torches.

Increased Draw Distance and Increased Draw Distance for Toussaint are mostly compatible but if you enable ultra draw distance and have the GOG version of the game, make sure to download the compatibility patch, see "Installation" for details. Otherwise you might experience lights flickering at certain distances and camera angles in Novigrad (only tested with Increased Draw Distance for Toussaint though).

This The Witcher 3 mod covers the base game and the Hearts of Stone expansion, though the latter didn't have any quest specific fires modified. You can take a look at True Fires in action below.