The Newest Samsung Galaxy Book S Is Powered By The Intel Core i5-L16G7

Source: Samsung

On Samsung's Canadian store a webpage of the Samsung Galaxy Book S that features the Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor went live. This is the first time that a Samsung Galaxy Book would feature an x86-based processor instead of the standard Snapdragon processor. The overall design of the newer Galaxy Book features a similar design and spec sheet as the ARM-based version.

Samsung's Canadian Store featured an entry for the Samsung Galaxy Book S, which has an Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor installed

Intel's Core i5-L16G7 processor powers the Intel-based Galaxy Book S, and this processor doesn't feature Intel's Hyperthreading instead of having just five cores and five threads. This processor is built on the 10nm manufacturing technology. This processor features a base clock rate of 1,400 MHz and a boost clock of up to 3,000 MHz.

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Source: Samsung

Powering the 13.3" Full HD display is the Integrated graphics in the Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor, this processor's integrated graphics is the Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7. The Iris Plus Graphics G7 features the support for the new Variable Rate Shading (VRS) support; this inclusion allows game designers to decide to spend shading time.

Source: Samsung

Another improvement to the integrated graphics is the Integrated video decoder and encoder. Both of these, according to Intel, is significantly improved but no other specification or information.

The Intel-based Galaxy Book S seemingly has two different finish options, either coming in Mercury Gray or an Earthy Gold finish. While the design of the Galaxy Book S is exceptionally similar to the ARM-based version. Like the ARM-based Galaxy Book S, the Intel-based Galaxy Book S includes a fingerprint reader on the power button, one key feature that the Intel-based Galaxy Book S lacks is the Gigabit LTE connectivity option.

One other difference between the ARM-based Galaxy Book S and the Intel-based Galaxy Book S is the fact that the ARM-based variant to feature a longer battery life. The Intel-based Galaxy Book S is stated to feature up to 17 hours while the ARM-based version features a 25 hour of video playback.  This is due to the lower TDP of the ARM-based version when compared to the Intel-based version.

Sadly, with the webpage being taken down no pricing information is available at this time.

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