The Medium Already Made Back Its Development Costs, Said Bloober

The Medium PS5

The Medium, the psychological horror game released only three days ago by Bloober Team, already made back its development costs as revealed by the developer in a statement shared with the Polish website Money. That includes both production and marketing, which means that any further sales of The Medium will go directly to the studio's profits.

The Medium didn't even launch on all platforms as the game is an exclusive for Xbox Series S|X consoles and Windows 10 PC at the time being. It is currently unclear whether the deal is timed, in which case a PlayStation 5 port could happen at some point, or not.

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In our review of the game, Kai rated The Medium 7.3/10. Here's his conclusion excerpt:

The Medium is a good return to form for the survival horror genre that's split in such wild directions, from the first person Allison Road/P.T. at one end and the creature sneakers that either overload the player with firepower or strip it all away to force them to hide from a greater threat. The Medium takes a different path altogether, instead trying to invoke the split realities of Silent Hill and rely on those feelings of longing and desire for something new from Team Silent. While Bloober Team misses that crucial spark that made the Silent Hill titles so brilliant in the first place, their first draft of horror should spook and delight fans of the genre.

If you're interested in benchmarks of the ray tracing features in The Medium, check out Keith's video analysis that went live yesterday.

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