‘The Frozen North’ Is Coming To Conan Exiles for Free on August 16th, Increasing Landmass by 70%


The Frozen North, Conan Exiles' upcoming free expansion, will be available on PC and Xbox One on August 16th. According to developer Funcom, The Frozen North will increase the game's landmass by roughly 70%.

Creative Director Joel Bylos said in the press release:

Conan Exiles Brings the Age of Sorcery in 3.0 Update During Q3 2022

This expansion update does not just mean more content and more features. The team has also worked extremely hard to make sure this release brings with it significant improvements to core aspects of the game such as combat, artificial intelligence, and more. These improvements, in addition to the twenty-eight updates we have already introduced to the game over its six months in PC Early Access, mean this version of Conan Exiles is bigger, and even more importantly, better than ever before.

You can find a more detailed overview of the features in The Frozen North below. Conan Exiles will fully release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Q1 2018; it will also get Xbox One X support once the console launches in November.

· A HUGE, NEW LAND: The world of Conan Exiles has almost doubled in size! Climb towering mountains, explore deep forests, fight your way through massive new dungeons, and discover new people, cultures, and settlements.

· WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE: In the north, rain and snow can make you freeze to death and in the desert, the burning sun can be equally as deadly. Make sure you dress for the weather to stay cool or warm. Camp fires, torches, drinks, and more can also help you control your temperature.

· NEW BUILDINGS AND RESOURCES: Harvest new resources such as star metal, black ice, and more. Build new homes and entire cities with all new building pieces and furniture, and make sure to use the right materials to either keep your home warm or cool.

· NEW RELIGION AND AVATAR: Dedicate your work and worship to Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War. Summon his avatar and use his giant battle-axe to crush your enemies!

· NEW ENEMIES: Encounter towering Frost Giants, hungry wolves, aggressive mammoths, and many other new enemies. You must also go head to head against new dungeon bosses such as the terrible and mighty Death Knight.

· BREWING AND COOKING: These two new crafting systems lets you brew different drinks and cook up a variety of juicy meals. Make mead, wine, absinth, bug soup, demon blood sausage, and more. You can even trap fish and practice beekeeping!

· BETTER THAN EVER: The expansion update brings with it a host of improvements such as better combat, better artificial intelligence on human enemies, and more. Don’t forget the 28 updates worth of additions rolled out over the past six months including climbing, siege equipment, avatar defenses, dying system, and much more!

· NEW ARMOR AND WEAPONS: Star Metal Hammer, Black Ice Broadsword, Hardened Steel Shield, Vanir Fur Armor, and much, much more. There are many different new weapons and armor pieces to both find and craft!