Metal: Hellsinger Adds Mod Support on PC; Allowing Players to Create Their Own Music for the Game

Ule Lopez
Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger is a very unique experience that has players shoot demons to death using nothing but their ability to stay on beat. The game boasts its unique catalog of original songs that can be used to slay demons. But now, Funcom has announced that they are giving the ultimate power to the audience by allowing mod support and enabling custom song creations.

You can watch a trailer that scratches the surface of this new implementation below:

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Now players can insert their own beats and make their own Metal: Hellsinger experience. Modding brings immense potential, and music in Metal: Hellsinger goes beyond affecting the mood and feel of the game, being firmly plugged into the gameplay and entire experience. You can now make your own experience using genres like K-Pop, Jazz, EDM, or even more grungy metal songs.

Want to mod Metal: Hellsinger yourself so you can introduce your own creations?

The modding tool is freely available right now, and Funcom and The Outsiders have prepared both step-by-step video and image guides to help modders and newcomers alike through the process. Mods can be accessed through the Steam Workshop. The developers are so generous with this feature that even the free demo can be modded.

There are some limitations behind this tool that players need to be aware of when creating custom music for Metal: Hellsinger. The biggest one is the fact that the new modding tool will only work for fixed-tempo songs. The game cannot detect the song's tempo natively, so you basically will have to use a song with a consistent tempo. This also means that you have to know the tempo of the song you're using.

Other than that, go wild with your song creations. Metal: Hellsinger is currently available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S. The new mod update is only available on the PC version of the game.

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