The Division Games Receive Updated Roadmap at Ubisoft Forward

The Division

While Ubisoft Forward's star was undoubtedly the Assassin's Creed franchise, the publisher also provided updates on other IPs such as Tom Clancy's The Division.

Nate already covered the news on The Division Heartland, the free-to-play shooter in development at Red Storm Entertainment, but The Division 2 and The Division Resurgence were also featured.

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The former game is about to get Season 10, titled Price of Power. While exhaustive details about this new The Division 2 season will be demonstrated on a dedicated live stream scheduled for Monday, September 12th at 7 AM Pacific Time, we already know it follows the story of the latest target to track down, General Peter Anderson.

Hungry for power, and with the True Sons looking for direction after the fall of Antwon Ridgeway,
General Anderson sees an opportunity to build a new team and take down The Division. General
Anderson is brokering a peace with the Black Tusk and The Division must locate and neutralize
Sokolova's advanced team (Trig, Micro, Chirpy and Lucky) before the merger is complete.

Season 10, the second of three seasons planned for the game's Year 4, is also set to add new difficulties for the Countdown Mode and 2 Strongholds, quality of life improvements, Shape Paragon and Dark Path Apparel Events, and a new Season Pass when it launches on Tuesday, September 13th.

Before the year's end, The Division 2 players can also expect Season 11 to drop with new story missions, new Manhunt targets, a new ally, and a brand new PvE mode which should improve the variety and replayability. Moreover, the game will continue to get updates and new content for the fifth year after Season 11. As a reminder, seasonal content requires the ownership of the Warlords of New York expansion.

Ubisoft also shared a new Dark Zone trailer for the mobile game The Division Resurgence. Registrations for the upcoming Closed Beta test are now open on the official website for both iOS and Android users.

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Players in the closed beta will have a chance to participate in some of the familiar iconic PvP
modes in The Division franchise. This includes the popular Dark Zone, a unique PvPvE mode that
features the city’s most dangerous enemies – but plenty of gear and equipment. Players will
rediscover the Dark Zone at the palm of their hands. Conflict, a PvP mode featured in The
Division 2, will also be part of the closed beta. Domination, one of the modes in Conflict, will be
available at closed beta, while Skirmish will be added at a later time. 

There's no release date yet for Resurgence, but the Closed Beta is scheduled to launch this Fall.

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