Tekken 7 PC Info Blowout: Graphics Settings, Keyboard Support and Denuvo DRM


Last week, we got the official Tekken 7 PC system requirements as well as NVIDIA's Game Ready driver way ahead of the June 2nd launch.

Now the developers have shared even more info on Tekken 7 PC on the game's Steam forums, including the graphics settings, keyboard support and how buttons can be fully remapped. They also revealed that Tekken 7 on PC will have Denuvo DRM, which is slowly becoming common practice in the industry.

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As you can see below, the graphics settings are:

  • Rendering Scale
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Shadow Settings
  • Texture Quality
  • Effect Quality
  • Post-Processing Quality
  • Dynamic Adjustment
  • Motion blur


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In terms of resolution and frame rate, Tekken 7 PC will support up to 4K (2160P) and 60 frames per second. There will be a pre-load to help those with slower connections be ready by the time the games is released; finally, game specific Steam emoticons and cards will be available for collection.

Two weeks ago, Christian went hands-on with the game during a press event organized by Bandai Namco. He concluded his article with these words:

Bandai Namco has mentioned several times before that they want to avoid the same mistakes a certain other developer made with their big fighting game series, and it looks as though they have succeeded in this regard. Tekken 7 is looking like the most complete fighting game package in years. If the developers can get the net code for Tekken 7 right, I have no doubt in my mind that this game could become this year’s best fighting game. There should be enough content to please the casual audience while maintaining all the things hardcore Tekken players expect.

Check back next week for our full review of the game.