Taurine Jailbreak for iOS 14 Receives Biggest Stability Update With Boot Loop Fixes, More


The jailbreak community has been silent for a while as no major tools have been released in the past few months. However, existing jailbreak tools might come with their own set of issues that users have been dealing with. If you are running the Taurine jailbreak for iOS 14 to iOS 14.3, you might be familiar with the boot loop and data loss issue. Well, the latest Taurine jailbreak has received a major update in which the boot loop and data loss issues have been fixed, giving jailbreak users a stable platform to operate.

Latest Taurine Jailbreak for iOS 14 v1.0.7 Brings Fix For Boot Loop and Data Loss Issues on iPhone

The Odessey jailbreak team has released a new update for Taurine that brings major fixes and improvements to the platform. The earlier version of the jailbreak featured a bug that could lead to forced updates and data loss. Now, the Taurine jailbreak has been updated to version 1.0.7 that brings fixes to the aforementioned issues.

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The new Startup Repair option will allow users to recover their iPhones from the boot loop issue without any data loss. In addition, the update also comes with a new Safe Mode option which will allow your device to boot safely into your iPhone with all jailbreak tweaks intact. Check out the Taurine jailbreak version 1.0.7 changelog below.

  • Includes new recovery utilities, including Startup Repair
    • Startup Repair will fix any boot loop issues caused by a file being corrupted during userspace reboot
    • Recovery menu can be manually activated by adding a file named /.libhooker_recovery to your root folder and then initiated via a userspace reboot

If you are running the Taurine jailbreak, it is best that you update your device as soon as you can to avoid any potential boot loop or data loss issues. If you are not familiar with the version of the jailbreak, simply head over to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Taurine. If you are facing issues when updating to the latest Taurine v1.0.7, you should restart your iPhone and then re-jailbreak your device using Taurine.

There you have it, folks. Are you running the latest Taurine jailbreak on your iPhone? Let us know down below.