Studio Display Details: No ProMotion, No mini-LED, No HDR

Ali Salman
Apple Studio DIsplay

Apple just announced its latest Studio Display alongside the Mac Studio. The new display comes with a boatload of new features that makes it different from the Pro Display XDR. However, there are numerous features supported by the Pro Display XDR and we only wish they were ported to the Studio Display. Scroll down to read more details on what features are not supported by the new Apple external Display.

Apple's Recently Announced Studio Display Lacks ProMotion, HDR, and It is Not a mini-LED Display

As mentioned earlier, the Studio Display is Apple's answer to the price point of the Pro Display XDR. Available for $1,599, the new external monitor from Apple features a 27-inch display with 5K resolution and 600 nits of brightness. While it does look appealing, we have to take note that the display does not feature a mini-LED panel, unlike the Pro Display XDR. What this means is that the viewing experience will not be as good. The true blacks on the Pro Display XDR are something that will be missing on the Studio Display.

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In addition to this, the recently announced Studio Display does not feature ProMotion. What this means is that the display is pretty standard when it comes to the refresh rate. In contrast, the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models feature a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Lastly, the new display also does not pack support for HDR. Henceforth, if you want to consume HDR content, the new Studio Display will not be your first pick.

Apple Studio Display

We have to take note that the Pro Display XDR and the Studio Display are two different genres of external monitors. Moroever, both externals displays have a major price difference. In addition, the $1,599 display from Apple houses a Center Stage-enabled 12MP webcam while the Pro Display XDR does not. What are your thoughts on the absence of these important features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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