Star Wars Project Maverick Sneakily Added to European PlayStation Store


Here's a potential surprise. A new game titled Star Wars Project Maverick was sneakily added to the European PlayStation Store database, according to the Twitter account bot 'PSN releases'. Developed by programmer Luciano Ciccariello, the bot was recommended by gamstat yesterday as a 'better way to track PSN store updates'.

Gamstat recently managed to leak both the existence of Resident Evil 3 Remake and the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. However, it does not have any record of Star Wars Project Maverick yet.

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Still, we verified with Ciccariello that the listing has the following ID: EP0006-CUSA19053_00-MAVERICKBETA0001. This suggests that Project Maverick is currently only available as a limited private beta for select users.

Of course, we can only speculate on what this game could be about. Its moniker, Project Maverick, could point to an X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter flight simulator kind of game, possibly based on the space battle modes already seen in Star Wars Battlefront II. Those were developed by Criterion Games, which recently got the Need for Speed franchise back from Ghost Games.

If that's the case, it is one project we didn't really know about until now. Stay tuned for any further information on this interesting leak.