Star Wars Battlefront II Got Redeemed by Over 19 Million Players via Epic Games Store

Star Wars Battlefront II

We knew Star Wars Battlefront II servers on PC were being swarmed after the Epic Games store giveaway last week, with Electronic Arts forced to scramble to accommodate the newfound demand.

Well, EA has now revealed exactly the kind of onslaught they were facing: apparently, over 19 million players decided to take advantage of the free promotion.

More than 19M PLAYERS got Star Wars Battlefront II from the Epic Game Store promo! Thank you so much for the continued support, even after our final content drop! We’ll watch your careers with great interest! May the Force be with you, troopers!

In related DICE news, the game developer is expected to release a new Battlefield game this year, which is rumored to be a soft-reboot inspired by Battlefield 3. As for a new Star Wars Battlefront game, it'll inevitably have to wait until at least Fall 2022.

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