Star Citizen – Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy Update Is Now Live


The Star Citizen - Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update is now live, introducing new content to the game developed by Cloud Imperium Games.

The new update introduces plenty of new features to the game, such as ship-to-ship docking, a new reputation system, new underground caves featuring a variety of missions, and two brand new vehicles.

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You can check out the new Star Citizen - Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update in action in the trailer below.

  • BIG Cave Content: Planet environments will see the introduction of big caves. And by “big,” we mean, “really BIG.” In terms of size, and scope, these caves are larger and more complex than anything players have explored previously. In addition, Bounty Hunter, Assassin, and Combat missions can now occur within these dangerous environments. New entrances allow for players to drive into the maw of caves, with sinkholes also offering a new way for players to fly in and explore underground.
  • Ship-to-ship Docking: Ship-to-ship interaction sees a huge leap forward. This first iteration of the system allows the docking and undocking of the Merlin fighter from the Constellation Aquila, Phoenix, and Andromeda, with more ships receiving support in coming patches.
  • Reputation Manager: Players can expect a new menu on their mobiGlas tracking their reputation with mission givers, organizations, and factions across the ‘verse. By completing missions and tasks players will earn reputation, improving their standing with said faction for a variety of rewards. The reputation manager represents the first such progression system introduced to Star Citizen.


Star Citizen is now available on PC worldwide.