Need for Speed Always Online Requirement Starts Petitions and Complaints

Following the recent reveal that Need for Speed will require an online connection, even for its single-player experience, many fans of the series expressed a huge amount of disappointment and upset towards EA.

Disappointed gamers started petitions to remove the always online requirement of Need for Speed

Some disgruntled gamers even went as far as to start petitions asking the company and development studio Ghost Games to remove the online requirement feature from Need for Speed, while others took to forums, chatrooms and Youtube to express their disapproval.

Over at Kotaku user Triggabit states:

“I will always be able to play my favorite games from my childhood or even stuff from just a few years ago. The only issues I’ll run into are compatibility. But 10 or 15 years from now, will I be able to play the PC version of Diablo 3, or any of the other games that use this always on DRM? Chances are no, unless enough effort is put into hacking the game, or running dummy severs.

“There is a generation of games that won’t be able to be revisited.”

At GameFaqs gamers have also made it known that they aren’t fond of the decision at all, with kereke12 stating that they “don’t like this at all”, and user TheGoToSleep, mentioning:

“I disabled online mode in NFS Rivals BC I was sick of it taking 5-10 minutes to get to game hub every time I booted the game on.

“Also sometimes internet goes out or I’m traveling w/o internet. “
YouTubers also chimed in about the long term value of always-on for typically single-player games, with outlets like AR12Gaming saying “It just doesn’t work”.

ReviewTechUSA states that he first thought that it was a joke or trolling by his community, but soon realized that it was real. He mentions:

“How many times does something need to fail miserably […] before they realize always-on DRM doesn’t work?”


Bigbazz on the MMO-Champion forum says:

“If this is just a standard typical single player game with online features then I can understand the frustration, but at the same time it could well be a more online orientated game from the ground up… Perhaps even similar to NFS World, who knows. Most of the NFS franchise games are throwaway titles though, so I can understand why people would be annoyed by this, but you should give them some benefit of the doubt for now.”

Dealspwn states regarding Need for Speed Always Online Requirement:

“The Crew is a living testament to how an “immersive narrative” and always-online multiplayer simply don’t mix. Especially when said narrative is a load of old cobblers. The Crew is a poster boy for why racing games don’t so much need a story as a narrative; instead of a fun career like a Milestone title or BurnOut, where we could read ourselves into the cockpit, we were forced to play as a horribly-scripted waste of pixels and his idiotic companions, following an overly depressing plot that actively soured the fun and exploration that the game was supposed to focus on.”

The petition on from Jesse Young reads as follows:

“EA and Ghost, we get that you want to push for more seamless, more interactive experiences with Need for Speed and other franchises of yours, but there can be a way to allow for this to happen without pushing away your consumers and fan-base.

“So I’m pleading you, along with many others, to remove the always-online requirement from the Need for Speed reboot. This may allow you to regain some of your lost potential buyers and can be one step towards improving both the link between publishers/developers and the public.”

Another petition from Max Meyer in Germany states:

-Many people got unstable internet connections or bad WiFi so they are going to get lots of disconnects and are going to get kicked out of the game every 5 minutes
– Some people don’t even like to play online, they hate it and have the streets rather for their own, without some random kids crashing into them and shouting swear words into their headsets

– It forces the consumer to get PSplus or Xbox Live Gold to play the game in singleplayer mode because of DRM.

We will find out more information on Need for Speed and see the first gameplay footage next month during EA's press conference.

EA seems pretty confident about E3 2015, stating that they will bring the house down, and given that they will be showing Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, a new Plants vs Zombies game, and at least one more Star Wars title, I would have to agree that they could definitely achieve that.

Need for Speed will release this fall (possibly November 3rd) for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We will bring you any new information on Need for Speed, EA and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.


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