Snapdragon 8cx Benchmarks Allegedly Reveal Poorer Performance Than a Core i5-8250u


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx was supposed to be the chipmaker’s answer to Intel’s low-power offerings and give users access to computing performance and unbelievable battery life in times of need. The Snapdragon 850 before this turned out to be a bitter disappointment as revealed in earlier performance leaks and that only meant that its successor would have to feature something special to counter Intel’s dominance in this sector. It has to an extent, but the latest Snapdragon 8cx benchmark reveals Qualcomm’s work has been significantly cut out, and those future iterations will need to boast significant levels of improvement to give the company a modicum of a chance to succeed in this space.

Snapdragon 8cx Loses to Intel’s Core i5 8250u in Both Single-Core and Multi-Core Test Results

According to Snapdragon 8cx benchmarks via Geekbench, the SoC titled ‘Qualcomm CLS’ obtained 3352 points in the single-core tests, and accumulated 11048 points in the multi-core results. The scores were earlier spotted by Longhorn on Twitter, with the thread showing that the Snapdragon 8cx was slower than the iPad Pro powered by Apple’s A10X Fusion silicon from 2017, at least in the single-core department.

Unreleased Microsoft Surface Pro With ‘Upgraded’ Snapdragon 8cx Spotted in New Benchmark Leak

When compared to the Core i5 8250u, Intel’s chip scored 3659 and 11192 points in both categories, breezing past the Snapdragon 8cx benchmarks, with a minor gap in the scores. With a plethora of affordable ultrabooks featuring Intel’s Core i5 CPU, it would make sense for a lot of customers to purchase such machines rather than forking over an additional $100-$200 for a sleeker notebook that may, or not give them double-digit battery life courtesy of Qualcomm’s 7nm chip.

On the subject of battery life, we have yet to see if Snapdragon 8cx-powered machines will deliver on Qualcomm’s promise of jaw-dropping battery endurance. We still remember that laptops running the company’s Snapdragon 835 failed tremendously on performance and while the battery life was a commendable feature and solid selling-point for manufacturers, it didn’t provide a significant gap between devices powered by Intel’s chips. These Snapdragon 8cx benchmarks reveal Qualcomm still has a lot of room for improving the silicon variant intended for notebooks.

Hopefully, the next big thing will arrive later this year, at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, so stay tuned for more updates.

News Source: Geekbench