Snapdragon 820 Benchmarks For Xiaomi Mi5 Paint Promising Picture


With December having started, the proverbial mobile flagship processor race has started to heat up, though we hope only in terms of performance. We've been seeing benchmarks pop up with regularity of the various chipsets out there, with the top two being Qualcomm and Samsung's Snapdragon 820 and the Exynos 8890 respectively. Samsung's latest offering to the mobile hardware world popped up in some impressive benchmarks yesterday, and today its Qualcomm's turn as some benchmarks of the Snapdragon 820 allegedly running on Xiaomi's Mi5 have popped up today.

Upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 Surfaces With Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Benchmarks

Qualcomm's 2015 flagship processor offering, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 managed to cause quite a stir in the mobile industry. Heralded at its launch as the best performing SoC available, the chip soon fell apart due to overheating issues and had some hard consequences for Qualcomm. The US based chip manufacturer saw its presence missing from several flagship devices, with the few manufacturers that did choose the Snapdragon 820, having to add their own fixes to the processor.

But things are looking to change on the Snapdragon 820, the company's latest mobile offering expected to debut in Q1 2016 on Samsung's Galaxy S7. With the Koren manufacturer having worked closely with Qualcomm on the Snadragon 820, 2016 could very well mark Quaclomm's resurgence, as it was Samsung that was the first manufacturer to skip on the Snapdragon 810 this year. The . comes with Qualcomm's custom Kryo cores combined with a more closed design that helps it improve power efficiency coupled with thermal issues.

Is Snapdragon 820 Getting Unveiled On August 11?While other manufacturers either choose to utilize the Snapdragon 810 or use substitutes for the processor, Xiaomi instead chose to wait on its Mi5, a device that is overdue for well a year. The Xiaomi Mi5 has seen little information surface over the past couple of months, with the company choosing to rely on promises of its development being on schedule. Schedule's however seem to be rather long over at Xiaomi, as nearly every manufacturer out there upgrades its flagship lineup yearly.

But taking its time to launch the Xiaomi Mi5 might work out for the company as it undoubtedly has had a lot of time to design the device. Facing very little direct competition from its competitors, the Chinese smartphone starlet seems to want to establish itself a dominant force in that corner of the world. Today's benchmark scores for Xiaomi's project Gemni paint quite a promising picture for the Xiaomi Mi5, with the device having scored 2162 points in single core and 5116 points in multi core.

While not outright spectacular, the scores are likely of a device under testing, which becomes even more evident as the Snapdragon 820 seems to be underclocked in these tests. What we're more interested in are other specifications and features of the device, as given the nature of the mobile market, its often differentiation of features and design that sets devices apart. We'll keep you updated as this develops. Meanwhile, let us know what think in the comments section below.