Skyrim Grandma ‘Shirley’ Becomes an NPC in TES V Thanks to a Mod Coming Later This Month


Shirley Curry, also known as 'Skyrim Grandma', makes the news again. You might remember her as that elderly woman who regularly plays and streams The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; she garnered such a following that Bethesda eventually agreed to add her as an NPC in The Elder Scrolls VI after Shirley pointed out that she might not even be alive to play the game once it's released.

TES VI is, in fact, still far away from any sensible launch window. By our reckoning, Starfield might be launched at some point in 2021, and TES VI will probably come two or three years after that.

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Luckily, if you're itching to play alongside Shirley as an NPC, you'll soon be able to do so in TES V: Skyrim thanks to a mod due to release later this month. In fact, the modders have just released a teaser video and a FAQ. The mod will be available on PC and later on Xbox One, but it looks like PS4 users are out of luck due to the restrictions posed by Sony to mods in Skyrim.

Q: Do you have Shirley's permission for this?

A: Yes! Not only that, but she has been involved with the development process! She is even working with us to voice the character entirely! She is very lovely to work with! (And very talented, might I add).

Q: Will she be like other follower mods with quests, interesting interactions with the rest of the world and unique NPC interactions?

A: Absolutely. We could have just done a mod where she said all the standard lines, but that's not what she or we wanted. She already has a good amount of unique commentary on locations and situations, and initial updates will primarily focus on expanding that commentary. Unique interactions with the player are also already a part of the mod and unique interactions with other NPC's are planned. There is a small quest already and one, large quest we are also working on for the future.

Q: What will be her preferred combat option, or will we be able to mold her combat preferences?

A: We wanted her combat style to reflect her preferred playstyle in her videos, so she will primarily be a classic barbarian, using two-handed and light armor with archery for ranged attacks.

Q: Will she read books we give her?

A: It would be nigh impossible to have the real Shirley read ALL the books available, but we very much want this to be a feature. We're probably going to have a specific selection of books for her to read.

Q: Will it be available in both versions of Skyrim in PC?

A: Yes. Shirley will be available for both Skyrim classic and Skyrim Special Edition. We're also aiming for an Xbox release. Sadly a PS4 release will be impossible (blame Sony, not us!).

Q: Will she be compatible with other followers like Inigo? And will she have unique conversations with other followers, like Inigo and Lydia?

A: Compatible, certainly. Shirley uses her own, custom-built follower system, so she won't add to the follower cap. Interactions will take more time, but they are in the works. Inigo has been such a big part of Shirley's recent adventures, we'd like to have her interact with him quite a bit. However we can make no promises at this point.

Q: That doesn't look like Shirley! Her face is too white! She doesn't have the elder body type!

A: Her appearance is a work in progress. Her face does not appear pale on classic Skyrim and we're not quite sure why it does on Special Edition. We'll do our best to improve and perfect her appearance before release.

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