Silent Hill PS5 Should be Revealed During Sony’s Event This Week, Insider Says; RE8 Expected to Be Revealed Somewhere This Month

silent hill ps5 re8 june 4th

The rumored new Silent Hill game for Sony’s PS5 is said to be revealed later this week during Sony’s next-gen reveal event.

At least, that’s what reputable horror enthusiast and leaker Dusk Golem said on Twitter overnight. For months, there have been rumors about a new Silent Hill being in development. This title, which is supposed to be a soft reboot aimed to re-introduce players to the franchise, is rumored to be revealed this year, and as tweeted by Dusk Golem, June 4th will be the date for the global reveal.

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According to the insider, the PS5 exclusive is in a playable state and Sony Japan Studio’s development team is very excited to show the game to the world. While Golem is fairly certain it will be revealed during Sony’s PS5 event this week, there’s a chance it will be revealed during Sony’s rumored early August State of Play. We suggest reading through the Resetera thread that was created about the new Silent Hill for more details.


As for another high-profile horror title to be announced – Resident Evil 8 is likely being revealed somewhere this month as well. According to Dusk Golem, Capcom’s next Resident Evil installment was supposed to be revealed during this year’s E3 event, and he expects the title to show up this month.

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Both the new Silent Hill and Resident Evil 8 haven’t been officially confirmed yet to take the information above with a fair pinch of salt for now.

After months of waiting, Sony finally announced its PS5 reveal event last week. The event will focus on games coming to Sony’s next-gen console, and as confirmed by Sony’s Jim Ryan, the event will be the start of a series of PS5 updates arriving in the near future.

Like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the PS5 will launch globally during this year’s holiday season. Both Microsoft and Sony have yet to announce the pricing of their next-gen consoles.

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