A Gravity Rush Movie Is in the Works, New Report Reveals

Gravity Rush

A Gravity Rush movie is reportedly in the works by PlayStation Productions in collaboration with another company.

According to a new report by Deadline, PlayStation Productions is working with Scott Free Productions to develop a movie based upon one of PlayStation Japan Studio's most unique franchises. Anna Mastro will be the movie's director, with a script written by Emily Jerome.

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Not much else is currently known about the Gravity Rush movie, and it will probably be a while until we hear more about it. As reportedly by Deadline, who will produce the movie is unclear at this point, so it's clear that it is still in early production.

The Gravity Rush series may be far from being Sony's most prominent IP, but it is definitely one of the most interesting. The second entry in the series launched back in 2017, and it is an improvement over the original on almost every front, as highlighted by Chris in his review:

Whatever the case, Gravity Rush 2 is a great game. It certainly has its flaws and there's little doubt that Gravity Rush could do with some improvements. The 'false ending' of sorts almost had me not playing the end of the game, which is crucial to wrapping up the story. It's understandable putting extra content after the final boss and end-credits, but not story-crucial content, there are always going to be people who don't watch and miss out. Still, despite these misgivings this is a game that I heartily recommend for the outstanding gameplay, the fantastic level design and the vast majority of missions and side-quests, which can be surprisingly fun considering the jobs they actually have you doing. Gravity Rush 2? Get it.

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