How to Shut Down iPhone or iPad Without Using the Power Button


Don't want to use the power button to shut down your iPhone or iPad? Here's how you can do it safely without it in iOS 11.

iOS 11 Lets You Shut Down iPhone or iPad Without the Power Button.

It's very rare that we come face to face with a situation where it is required that we shut down our iPhone or iPad completely. We either do it to save battery life or if we want to swap out SIM cards. Nonetheless, in order to power down an iPhone or iPad, you have to go through a simple process of holding down the power button for a few seconds until you see the 'Slide to power off screen.' On the iPhone X, things are slightly different. Thankfully though, in iOS 11, you can skip pressing the power button altogether and make do with everything on the screen. Interested in how it all works? Just follow the steps below.

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Shut Down iPhone or iPad Without Using Power Button.

Note: This guide is only applicable if you have iOS 11 installed on your iPhone or iPad. If you do not then you are, of course, out of luck.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on General.

3. Now scroll all the way down and then tap on the Shut Down button.

4. The 'Slide to power off' screen will now appear. Simply 'slide' to power off.

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Now you know how to power down your phone or tablet without using the power button. But obviously if your device has completely frozen up then you might want to take drastic measures instead.

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