How to Turn Off Display ‘Tap to Wake’ Feature on iPhone X

Tap to Wake

If the 'Tap to Wake' display feature is bothering you, or just want to turn it off for some reason on iPhone X, then here's how you do it.

Save Battery Life by Turning Off 'Tap to Wake' Feature on iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the first ever iOS device from Apple that features a display that can be awaken with a simple tap. It's a really, really handy addition if you are asking me. But the problem is: it's really easy to accidentally trigger it even if you never wanted to. Apart from that, this means that those accidental triggers may actually end up draining battery life too. So in order to combat this scenario, the best things to do is disable the Tap to Wake feature completely. Here's how you do it.

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Disable iPhone X 'Tap to Wake' Feature.

Note: This tutorial is not applicable on any other iPhone (or iPad) since the Tap to Wake feature is exclusive to the iPhone X.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone X.

2. Navigate to General > Accessibility.

3. Scroll down and you'll see a Tap to Wake toggle switch. If it's turned on, then tap to turn it off.

Lock your iPhone X and try tapping on the display, you'll notice that nothing is happening. Simply press the side button to wake up your device, or you can just use the Raise to Wake feature to lit up the display. The choice is completely yours.

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The convenience of having this feature just can't be denied. Pressing the side button (or Home, if you have an older device) seems like a chore now. I for one believe that Apple will definitely bring this feature to other devices as well such as the iPad.

But it remains to be seen whether or not than notch will be a part of the package.

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