Share Photo Sphere Pictures on Google Maps – How to


Photo Sphere is one the most favorite features liked by Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 users in the world. But the only method to share the pictures is on Google+ - not appreciated of course! Here we are going to talk about how to share Photo Sphere pictures on Google Maps. Yep, some contribution to the Google Street View Project and a way to show ourselves off to the whole wide world!

  1. Before we start sharing, make sure that your camera app is storing the location of pictures in the settings.
  2. Submit your Photo Sphere picture to Google Maps by hitting the Share button and choosing Google Maps in the gallery. Here you will be greeted and warned that pictures exceeding 3 MBs won’t be sent over. Also, some time to reconsider if you really want the world to have a peek of your corridor? There is a small Read More link at the bottom left telling you some information – like how to unshare when the need be – and other such things.
  3. Once you submit your picture, Google actually approves them all. Yes, it does. It may take a day or two but no exact timings are communicated.
  4. The pictures got approval from Google? Cool! Now you will be able to view then and share the links to them in Google Maps. See, how simple it was to share Photo Sphere pictures on Google Maps.

The buttons on the top of the map allow you to highlight panoramas that you have taken or photos from the community.

How to link to your Photo Sphere?

You can link to your photo sphere when you view it within the Google Maps Street View site. Here it gives you a couple options to click on contributor’s name to view his/her other submissions in Google+ and its location. Click on the location of the image – it would open in Google Maps – and from there you can get a link directly to the panorama. This can be shared directly with your friends on other services, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Another good feature that you get when you share Photo Sphere pictures on Google Maps is that a new album titled Geo Panoramas is created in Google+ - pretty nice and organized!