Several Pixel 3 Users on AT&T Experiencing LTE Connectivity Issues


The Pixel line of phones (and even other big-name devices for that matter) are no strangers to network connectivity issues. Just recently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 ran into some trouble with Sprint users. The problem has since been fixed, but today, some Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners on AT&T are having a hard time connecting to the service provider's LTE network.

The problem was first spotted by Android Authority. It has made the round of Reddit and AT&T forums for a few months too. According to affected users, the Pixel 3 has troubles reaching AT&T's LTE network shortly after disconnecting from WiFi. Instead of the LTE symbol, you see a large 'x' indicating that LTE isn't active, despite having strong signal strength.

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Because the issue is spreading to more users, it’s possible the issue could be caused by a change being made to AT&T’s network. Android Authority also notes that the Pixel 3 does not yet officially support LTE band 30, which is commonly used by AT&T.

Google and AT&T yet to acknowledge the issue

The quickest and simplest fix for most network connectivity related problems involves toggling Airplane Mode on, then off again from the Quick Settings menu. Some of the other fixes include toggling between 4G LTE and 3G in your Mobile Data settings and resetting any changes you may have made in Developer Options. Restarting the device seems to do the trick too, but it's unnecessary and should be done only of the Airplane Mode toggle doesn't work.

Google and AT&T are yet to acknowledge the issue officially, so we don't know the root cause just yet. We can rule out defective hardware as the issue persisted for a Reddit user even after getting the device replaced.  Android Authority theorises that the issue may have something to do with AT&T’s LTE band 30 (2300MHz), which the Pixel 3 does not support officially. Do let us know in the comments below if you've experienced anything similar on your Pixel 3.