Google Stadia ‘Immersive Stream for Games’ Tech Is Being Licensed Out

Alessio Palumbo
Google Stadia pricing Typhoon Immersive Stream for Games

A recent report revealed that the cloud streaming technology behind Google Stadia was being shopped around for licensing to external companies.

The news has now been officially confirmed. During this year's Google for Games developer summit, Careen Yapp from Google Stadia's Strategic Business development division unveiled the new 'Immersive Stream for Games' offering.

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We've also been expanding our efforts to help customers take advantage of our platform technology and deliver games directly to players.

[...] So in partnership with our colleagues at Google Cloud, we've developed a new offering called Immersive Stream for Games. It's designed around all the needs we've just described-- advanced streaming technology, the right tools to port games easily, powerful discovery features, and the analytics you need to optimize a direct-to-consumer business.

Last year, we began to work with early customers to understand their goals and to pilot this new offering. There are so many ways we can work with you to provide your experiences directly to players, from trials, to full games, to subscription bundles, or even entire storefronts.

As we already knew from the aforementioned report, the very first customer was AT&T. Vice President of 5G Product and Innovation Jay Cary joined Yapp on the live stream to discuss the company's successful experience with the debut title, Batman: Arkham Knight. Cary also said another game will be released soon on Immersive Stream for Games, the offering based on Google Stadia technology.

On behalf of AT&T, I'd like to congratulate Google on the reveal of Immersive Stream for Games. This technology, paired with the AT&T network, gives us the ability to deliver games directly to customers. Together, we deliver Click to Play access of "Batman: Arkham Knight" to our wireless customers on the devices they already own, no need for a console or a high-end gaming PC.

And for the first time, the game is available with no downloads, no creating an account, and no passwords. Simply provide your AT&T phone number, and start playing in seconds.

The full game is available via your browser, complete with bonus content, Cloud-based progress saves, and picture perfect quality at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Thousands of our customers have already enjoyed this "Batman: Arkham Knight" experience so far, and we're preparing for the launch of our next title on the Immersive
Stream platform soon. At the same time, we'll be expanding access for our customers to play on their mobile devices, whether they're at home or on the go.

Interested developers and publishers can sign up through this form to get in touch with Google's Immersive Stream for Games team.

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