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[UPDATE] Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Addresses Concerns Regarding Lack Of Content


[Update] Rare shared a new video regarding the Sea of Thieves launch state. You can find it below.

Sea of Thieves 2022 Roadmap Unveiled – Mysteries & Adventures Going In, Arena Going Out

[Original Story] Sea of Thieves, the multiplayer game developed by Rare now out on PC and Xbox One in all regions, has been released with a small amount of content, which is worrying more than a few players. A few hours ago, the game's Executive Producer has addressed the lack of launch content, promising that more will be coming very soon.

Responding to IGN's request for comment regarding player concerns about the longevity of Sea of Thieves' currently available content, Executive Producer Joe Neate reiterated that their game is a game that grows and evolves, and additional content such as new cosmetic items and new gameplay mechanics will be released soon. He also stated that the team's main concern was delivering a great initial experience, and will react to player feedback in the future.

Sea of Thieves is designed from the ground up to be a game that grows and evolves, and we will release new cosmetic options ongoing as part of that, alongside new mechanics and ways to play. Our focus for launch is on delivering a great initial experience, and as we move beyond launch we will be assessing and reacting to player feedback across all areas of the game. We have worked with our community throughout the development of Sea of Thieves, and that will continue in exactly the same manner beyond launch

Sea of Thieves is now available on PC and Xbox One in all regions. The game also received a hilarious day one patch earlier this week.