The Script for Metro Exodus Is Larger Than 2033 and Last Light Combined; Game Will Use Every Bit of PS4’s Pro Power

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was featured prominently in our Most Anticipated Shooter Games of 2018 article and for good reason. 4A Games managed to create one of the strongest story focused FPS franchises and we can't wait to play the game later this year when it comes out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In an interview published on Official PlayStation Magazine UK's latest magazine (issue 145, February 2018), Deep Silver's Executive Producer Jon Bloch revealed that author Dmitry Glukhovsky penned a script far more complex those of the previous two titles.

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To put this into perspective, Metro Exodus' script is larger than both Metro 2033's and Last Light's combined, including all DLC.

Metro Exodus was revealed during Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference with footage running on Xbox One X hardware; a while later, Bloch highlighted the developer's efforts to optimize the game on Microsoft's console, but in this new interview he reassured PlayStation 4 Pro owners that they will get the same care from 4A Games.

We are putting special attention into the PlayStation 4 Pro to ensure we are using every bit of power that it provides.

The big allure of this third entry is that Artyom will finally be able to move past the titular Metro and the city of Moscow itself, thanks to a steam-based train. Bloch briefly mentioned what he'll find out there.

We will encounter new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters, and mutants. Some will seem familiar in some ways, and some will be completely new. As life continued after the apocalypse, it evolved in different ways outside Moscow. Some areas are irradiated in similar ways to Moscow, and some areas are clear of any toxins or destruction.

From a gameplay standpoint, though, Metro Exodus is set to introduce much larger playable areas that are said to be between three and four kilometers in size. You'll be able to explore more freely as you would in a sandbox-like game and that coupled with the dynamic day/night cycle and weather may make a significant gameplay difference, as explained by the Executive Producer.

Choosing when and how to approach different situations will have measurable effects on the player's experience while completing tasks. Approaching a bandit camp at night might prove advantageous to a more stealthy player, but there may be more bandits around to have to deal with.

There's no release date yet, but you can absolutely bet that we'll let you know once the official word (or even a credible leak/rumor) is available.

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