Samsung to Announce a New Launch Date for the Galaxy Fold ‘Soon’

Samsung preparing two foldable smartphones

Things haven't been particularly great for the Galaxy Fold ever since it got unveiled earlier this year. The industry had been abuzz with rumours of foldable OLED panel-powered devices for a long time and the Galaxy Fold was a pleasant, albeit expected surprise. That's when things began going downhill. Shortly after making its way to some influencers, several phablets failed shortly after. This prompted Samsung to recall all units and postpone the Galaxy Fold's release date indefinitely.

The company even cancelled all pre-orders and made users manually opt back in if they were still interested in getting a hold of one. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to go on sale in the on the 25th of April before the debacle. Today, Samsung told Cnet that they'll announce the Galaxy Fold release date 'in the coming weeks'

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Earlier rumours indicated that the Galaxy Fold would ship 'sometime in June', but those were subsequently quashed. At this point, it's best if Samsung takes its time in releasing the Galaxy Fold. A $1,980 'luxury' phablet should not be undone by something as trivial as debris or pocket lint. It is highly doubtful that Samsung even wants to make money out of the Galaxy Fold. It is more of a proof of concept than anything else, and it wouldn't look too nice if an 'industry first' device started failing en masse. Samsung is no stranger to PR disasters and can certainly do without another one.

To many, the Galaxy Fold might seem like a pointless gimmick, and they're not entirely wrong. One doesn't strictly 'need' a foldable smartphone, but the same argument could be made for a lot of techs we take for granted today. Nobody else (with the notable exception of Huawei) seems to be in a hurry to release foldable smartphones. Now with Huawei pretty much out of the equation for the foreseeable future, Samsung has all the time in the world to perfect and master the Galaxy Fold's design.

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