Samsung Begins Testing AMD GPU in New Exynos SoC; Current Graphics Score Handily Beats the A14 Bionic

First Samsung Exynos & AMD SoC GPU Test Results Beat the A14 Bionic

Samsung’s new Exynos SoC, paired with AMD RDNA2 GPU, is expected to get announced next month, and with it, the promise of a powerful chipset to fuel flagships. When it comes to the graphics processor, that is where the upcoming Exynos silicon could see the biggest performance boost, according to a tipster who shares that Samsung has begun testing it, and the results are beyond astonishing.

Against the Exynos 2100, Snapdragon 888, the New Chipset Paired With an AMD GPU Is Over 50 Percent Faster in Graphics-Related Test

Ice Universe has shared on Twitter that Samsung has started testing the new Exynos chipset paired with an AMD GPU. He reveals that the graphics processor is being tested on the older Cortex-A77 architecture, and even then, the results are jaw-dropping, according to the 3D Mark Wildlife GPU results. The overall score is 8134 points, with the tipster stating that since the architecture is older, subsequent tests will have different results.

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Regardless, the Exynos SoC with an AMD GPU handily beats the Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888, both of which obtained scores of 5295, and 5382, respectively. The results make the Exynos and AMD pairing over 50 percent faster, but that is not the most impressive aspect of the score. The A14 Bionic, which currently houses the fastest GPU in a smartphone, and is featured in the iPhone 12 series, gets beaten by the latest member of the mobile chipset family, as you can see in the results below.

Previously, we reported that Samsung was testing out an Exynos chipset with the intention to either match or exceed the A14 Bionic’s performance. As you can tell, the results are exactly what Samsung would have wanted, but despite those eye-boggling numbers, there is one thing we should point; there is no information regarding the new SoC’s power consumption, which will play a pivotal role in all of this.


At first glance, the Exynos SoC with AMD GPU soundly impress, and we are sure to see more results in the future, especially against the upcoming A15 Bionic, so stay tuned.

News Source: Ice Universe

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