Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Poses for the Camera


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is all but confirmed at this point. If everything goes accordingly, the smartwatch should go official next month, followed by a launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series in August.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had our hands on some information pertaining to the Galaxy Watch 3. Today, we have some low-resolution pictures of the Galaxy Watch 3 in the flesh, but these pictures do reveal the necessary detail, so it certainly is something to look at.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Live Pictures Show the Rotating Bezel, Screen, and Protruding Buttons

The leak is coming as a courtesy of TechTalkTV, who shared the pictures of the Galaxy Watch 3 with the display turned on. The pictures are low-resolution to a point it is difficult to make sense of it, but at least you have some information that makes sense. Check them out below.

Granted, the pictures are bad at best, but at least we are able to gather some details. For instance, you are getting the rotating bezel even though it looks barely there in the picture. you can also see the protruding buttons on the side, reminiscent of a chronograph watch. Additionally, you can see the interface clearly, and the icons look a lot like how they do currently on the One UI.

The smartwatch is said to be running on the Tizen OS, the rumours claim that the Tizen OS 5.5 will be debuting on this watch. Software aside, you already have a clear look at what the Galaxy Watch 3 is bringing to the table. The speculations so far suggest that you are getting two body options, 41mm and 45mm. You will have a display size of 1.2-inches and 1.4-inches. The watch will be offered in titanium or stainless steel options, and you will have the option to choose from Wi-Fi only or LTE variant, as well.