Samsung Galaxy S9 Trumps the Google Pixel 2’s Camera Score on DxOMark

Anil Ganti

There's no denying the fact that Samsung flagships come with top-of-the-line camera hardware and are often top three in the market, if not at the peak. A lot of the Galaxy S9's marketing has revolved around its camera. Will it live up to the hype that it has generated so far? Let's find out.

DXOmark has developed tests to accurately measure the power of a smartphone camera, which is considered an industry standard. So far, the Google Pixel 2 on the top of the chart and remains there till date.

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However, Samsung’s latest flagship might just have what it takes to dethrone the Pixel 2. After going through DxO’s tests, the site revealed that the Galaxy S9+ had received an overall score of 99, beating out the Pixel 2 by 1 point.Samsung’s flagship beat Google primarily in the photo division, where it achieved a score of 104, topping the Pixel’s 99 by a fair margin.

While testing video prowess, the S9+ scored lower at 91, while the Pixel was able to get a 96. The difference is practically negligible, and we're glad to see a device come as close as it did to the Pixel 2. You can check out the full review here. 

As DxOMark notes, the Galaxy S9+ camera has no “obvious weaknesses,” going through all of its various tests without any hiccups. DxO especially praised Samsung for things like controlling the digital noise in images regardless of the amount of light available, as well as the resolution available when zooming at up to 4x. Other high notes came from the “bright and vivid colours” and “fast & accurate autofocus.” The review further adds:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone without any real weaknesses in the camera department. In both still and video modes, it performs well across the board, delivering consistently good photo and video image quality in all light and shooting situations, thus earning itself our highest DxOMark Mobile score to date. Add one of the best smartphone zooms and a capable bokeh simulation mode to the mix, and the Galaxy S9 Plus is difficult to ignore for any photo-minded smartphone user. With the Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung is setting the pace for 2018. We’ll see if the competition can follow suit.

The DXOmark, is by no means, to be considered the only parameter while judging a smartphone camera. There are a host of other factors that affect the performance of a camera, several of which are intangible and cannot be measured. We'll have to wait till we some real-world images captured by the S9 to gauge how it fares compared to its competition.

News Source: 9to5google

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