Samsung Galaxy S4 Price In Italy And EU Allegedly Leaked


Less than a week ago Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced. Up till now the reactions have been mixed about this device. The company said that this device will begin shipping internationally in April, while it will be able from US carries by May or June, 2013. That's all that was spoken of Galaxy S4 price and availability in various markets.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S4 price in Italy as well as the European Union has been leaked. An alleged source in Samsung Italy revealed this information, as well as specifications of the device and information about its availability in Italy and the EU.

Galaxy S4 price in Italy

The information was received by AndroidCaotic, an Italian website. According to their source the Galaxy S4 price in Italy is going to be €699. If this is true, Italians will have to spend a lot of money to get the S4. To put things in perspective, in the EU, the same device will be sold for €599. As far as the availability is concerned the Italians will be getting the S4 in the first week of May, whereas in the EU its expected to go on sale on April 26.

There's a reason for this delay. According to the source, the S4 being released in Italy will be a bit different than the rest. Instead of having the Qualcomm quadcore processor, the Italian S4 version will have the octacore Exynos processor. Perhaps that is the reason why Galaxy S4 price in Italy is going to be a bit higher than other markets.

Samsung's product roll outs are always phased. It may take well over a couple of months before the Galaxy S4 is available in all major and emerging markets around the world. We now know of the difference between Galaxy S4 price in Italy and EU, it'll be interesting to see if such a price difference exists in other markets as well. Hopefully not.