How to fix overheating and other issues on Galaxy S4 I9500


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is only 10 days old(since launch) but that hasn't stopped Samsung from recognizing the issues its customers are facing with its flagship phone. The phone came shipped with the XXUAMDE version of firmware that seemed to have some issues like red screen tint in low brightness, heating when charging or continuous use, occasional lags from memory drains and so on. Read on for the fix.

So Samsung seems to have managed to fix these issues, pretty quick I'd say. The answer is an upgrade to the latest firmware XXUAMDK. After the update and over two days, my phone is certainly generating much less heat, and the red tint seems to have totally gone. What's more? It also seems the device, specially the Gallery is a bit snappier than before and consumes less RAM than before.

How to get the update on on your Galaxy S4 I9500

If you have logged into the Samsung account on your mobile and haven't yet installed the OTA (Over-The-Air) update, here's what you have to do.

  • Make sure you have sufficient battery, atleast over 80%.
  • Have access to wifi or unlimited 3G/HSPA+ (You may be charged for usage).
  • On your phone, go to Settings > More Tab > About Device > Software Update.
  • Follow the on screen steps to update the latest version.

Now, there may be certain countries/operators where Samsung has not rolled out OTA. In such a case, we recommend you follow the guide we previously posted on how to upgrade the Galaxy S4 to the latest firmware.

Here's the link - Update Galaxy S4 I9500 to XXUAMDK V4.2.2 Official Firmware.

The difficulty level is low to medium low. This will also not void your phone of warranty in any form.

Please Note: This firmware is only for the Galaxy S4 I9500 and may brick other variants/devices.