Galaxy S21 Design Looks Exactly the Same as Galaxy S20 in New Renders; Back Shows Different Wrap-Around Camera


There were rumors claiming that the Galaxy S21 series would launch in 2020 as Samsung was reportedly looking to take on Apple’s iPhone 12 range. However, new information now claims that the new flagship lineup will arrive in early January 2021, and already, we’re seeing renders of the base Galaxy S21 pop up. Now from the front, this model looks identical to the Galaxy S20 but from the rear side, it looks like the Korean giant might be choosing a different style, most likely so customers can distinguish between this version and the one that launched earlier this year.

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Thanks to the collaboration between @OnLeaks and social network Voice, we’re able to show the latest Galaxy S21 renders. From the front, there doesn’t appear to be any change that Samsung has made in order to distinguish this version from the Galaxy S20. There were reports incoming that perhaps the manufacturer would end up using its under-display camera solutions, but they were too costly to produce, not to mention the company was apparently seeing low yield in production.

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Using an under-screen camera would mean Samsung would be forced to increase the price of all the Galaxy S21 models, and this would be a change the company simply cannot afford right now, especially when it has to compete with Apple’s iPhone 12 range, which starts from $699. With the front of the Galaxy S21 looking exactly like the Galaxy S20, there was something Samsung would have to do in order to help future customers differentiate between the two models right?

Turns out it did, but you’ll have to check out the back in order to see. According to the renders, the Galaxy S21 will have a triple-camera-array in a wrap-around cover, which is a unique take on the design. Unfortunately, one slip-up and a drop will result in you having to spend a considerable amount to replace the glass cover. Luckily, the rear panel won’t be made of glass, at least according to a previous rumor, which states that like the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung may use a ‘glasstic’ back to reduce the asking price of the Galaxy S21.

This means that the base Galaxy S21 could be offered at $899 instead of $999 like the Galaxy S20. Also, since the Korean technology behemoth is rumored to launch the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in early January 2021, we’ll likely be coming across a multitude of leaks and renders like the ones you just saw right now, so stay tuned for more updates from our side.

News Source: Voice and @OnLeaks