Galaxy S21 Could Launch Later This Year in Order to Stay in the Competition


Normally, the Galaxy S21 should have been releasing next year, as Samsung's yearly release cycle goes but the latest report suggests that Samsung might be launching the Galaxy S21 later this year. The report mainly talks about how the production of the phone has ramped up to a higher level, and Samsung could announce the device before the end of the year. The report does hold some weight as it is originating from South Korea, the home country to Samsung.

According to the report, many key components of the Galaxy S21 devices are entering mass production next month, which is around six weeks earlier than usual. This could mean two things; Samsung is expected to sell a lot of devices, or they are going to announce the product sooner than what most of us have expected so far.

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Report Claims That Samsung S21 Might Be Announced Later This Year Followed by an Early Launch

Now, we should still take this with a grain of salt but there are some really convincing facts as to why Samsung might do this. For starters, the entirety of the Galaxy S20 lineup was met with a lukewarm response commercially despite being a lot better than the last-gen phones. A lot can be factored in for that, mainly the COVID-19 pandemic which caused a lot of issues.

This could mean that by announcing the Galaxy S21 earlier, Samsung could be looking to gain some momentum back from the market, but then again, Samsung just released the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, so things don't fall into pieces all that much.

As far as the evidence that goes against it, we also have to keep in mind that Qualcomm may not start the mass production of the Snapdragon 875 chips that will likely go in some variants of the Galaxy S21 and we have not heard about what Samsung is working on either.

There are a lot of indications that could suggest that the announcement might happen by December and if that happens, the phone should be in the market by next year in January rather than the usual March that Samsung has been following for some time now.

Do you think Samsung is right to bring the Galaxy S21 sooner rather than the usual release date?