Galaxy S20 Lite With 5G Support to Replace Existing Model; Fan Edition Also Said to Be in the Works


The Galaxy S10 Lite was a cheaper offering of the flagships that Samsung sells and it appears that the Korean giant’s strategy has worked out in its favor. That’s because according to the latest report, the Galaxy S20 Lite will eventually replace it in the coming months. Here’s more information on what Samsung might be planning in the near future.

Premium Galaxy S21 Models Most Likely Getting Treated to a Snapdragon 875; Samsung Expected to Stick With Snapdragon 865 for the Galaxy S20 Lite

According to unnamed sources, Sammobile reports that a new Galaxy S20 version is under development, and there are expected to be three variants in the works with the following model numbers.

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  • SM-G780 (Global variant with and without 5G support)
  • SM-G781 (Headed to the U.S. and the only one with 5G support)

To refresh your memory, the Galaxy S10 Lite sports the model number SM-G770.

There’s also a Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, but there’s little information revolving around this model. Also, there isn’t any concrete word on the specifications of the Galaxy S20 Lite but looking at the Galaxy S10 Lite currently being sold, we can provide a rough overview surrounding its hardware. Firstly, we believe that if the Galaxy S21 series will come underpinned by a Snapdragon 875, then it’s likely that the Galaxy S20 Lite will feature a Snapdragon 865.

Sammobile also reports that the Galaxy S20 Lite will have at least 128GB of internal storage. It also looks like all models will run on Android 10 with One UI 2.5, which is the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom skin that’s due to be launched with the Galaxy Note 20. It’s also likely that the camera system receives a bit of a downgrade, or Samsung could incorporate the same hardware present on the regular Galaxy S20. This would be a huge plus point for customers wanting to upgrade down the road.

However, in order for the Galaxy S20 Lite to be a success, it needs that affordability factor. Qualcomm has made pricing excruciatingly difficult for manufacturers as they now need to pair their flagships with a mandatory 5G modem whether they like it or not, adding to those component procurement costs. Even if we look at a $799 starting price, that could get the momentum running for Samsung as the company hasn’t had the best of runs as far as its Galaxy S20 sales are concerned.

Would you pick up the Galaxy S20 Lite if it comes with promising hardware and a competitive price? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Sammobile