As the Technology Matures, Foldable Smartphones Will Become More Affordable Than Flagships, According to Huawei Executive

Huawei CEO foldable smartphones cheaper in future

Huawei has been mired in a number of problems in recent times, ranging from a ban on selling its phone in the U.S. to suspicions around its 5G equipment. Through it all, Huawei refuses to back down. The company recently revealed its first foldable smartphone, the Mate X and also has ambitious plans for the future, as mentioned by its CEO, Richard Yu during a recent interview.

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The first generation of foldable smartphones is expected to cost a lot and the Mate X is no different. The phone will cost $2585, which means most people won’t be able to buy it. However, Huawei believes that it will slowly decrease the price of its foldable phone and eventually bring it down to nearly $562. Of course, the pace of decrement would be subject to the advancements in the technology.

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Although Huawei expects other Chinese companies to release foldable devices in the near future, which will help decrease the price, the company doesn’t expect Apple to come out with a foldable phone anytime soon. Yu also alleged that Huawei is close to surpassing Samsung as the number one smartphone maker in the world and hopes to achieve this goal by next year at the latest.

Huawei is also working on augmented reality glasses that will enable phones to have a 100 to 200-inch display. The company says it needs at least 5 more years to bring such a product to the market. As for now, the company says it will continue working on camera, charging technologies, and artificial intelligence. Huawei believes that with the help of increases in speeds after the arrival of 5G networks, it will be possible to initiate artificial intelligence processing in real time.

As ties continue to worsen with the U.S., Huawei has also prepared an alternative to the operating systems running on its devices so that if it is restricted from using Android or Windows 10 in the future, it can switch to its own. It appears Huawei has got all the bases covered but it remains to be seen how it navigates the current situation and whether it will actually be able to oust Samsung as the number one smartphone vendor in the world.

News Source: Welt

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