New Serious Sam 3 BFE DRM Makes You Watch The Sun As You Die

Earlier I discussed how Serious Sam BFE Developers took their DRM to the next level with an unkillable super fast scorpion messing up pirates well Croteam figured that why not make a back up DRM and make it even more annoying than the first one. The newer form of DRM in the game will literally make you face the sun as you watch your screen turn red and eventually die, you have to hand it to Croteam they certainly know how to demotivate pirates the most effective way.

Croteam has managed to troll pirates yet again with an ingenious form of DRM which no other company has done before. First they bring out the unkillable super fast scorpion of death and now as you progress later in the game you will also be forced to look at the sky with no hopes of looking back on the ground until you die and reload your save and eventually are back to being an observer of the sun.

The video shows how multiple times the player faces a dead end and how an innovative DRM can ultimately make a pirate succumb to the good side of of the force. Now if only Ubisoft can learn a thing or two from these guys about properly implementing DRM in Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia games which won't make more angry customers rather than beat DRM, If we have learned anything from Croteam it should be that acquiring the game should not be the aim of countering piracy the aim of countering piracy should be to demotivate or discourage pirates by making them frustrated with invincible NPC and "Tweaks" as done above. Once again Croteam has won a brilliant amount of praise from me for making some of the best next gen form of DRM I have ever seen in a video game.

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