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Resident Evil 7 On AMD A10 APU Only?


At this point I just can't resist trying Resident Evil 7 on just an A10 APU.  We already completed a performance review as well as a full game review but there's one last thing to find out here.  Thankfully the system requirements are rather modest this time around, nothing quite like Battlefield 1 or Watch_Dogs 2 was asking for.  But, it still begs the question, can it run on an APU?  We already found in our performance review that running under 4GB of VRAM it was essential to disable 'shadow cache' or face serious consequences but how much more needs to be cut to get this game playable without a discrete graphics card?


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Using our typical test system for APU performance we didn’t dig in too deep on the performance metrics but rather worked on a video where we went through changing settings and seeing the performance metrics change in real time.  This way we’re able to see just what these changes actually look like so there aren’t any performance graphs associated with this test.


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AMD APU Test System

CPUA10 7890k
MotherboardASUS ROG Crossblade Ranger
Memory16GB (4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 2133MHz. 2GB to iGPU
StorageVisiontek 240GB SSD
PSUBitfenix Fury 550G


The performance in this game you get from the A10 is a bit impressive, showing that it still has a little fight left in it after all this time.  All I can think about is what AMD's Raven Ridge should be able to bring to the table and could it make cards like the RX 460 and the GTX 1050 a thing of the past? Let us know what you think is to come from the future APU and what you would like to see happen with it.