Resident Evil 3 Remake Meets Doom With This Jill Valentine Doom Slayer Suit Mod


Ever wondered how Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine would look in Doom armor? Well, this new Jill Valentine Doom Slayer suit mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake gives players the opportunity to check it out.

Jill is quite the sturdy feminine, but this new Doom suit mod brings her toughness to another level. Created by modder ‘4Kodda’, this great-looking outfit medication replaces Jill’s default outfit with the Doom Slayer Suit from Doom Eternal.

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We’ve included some screenshots of the mod in action down below. It has to be said – this is a great-looking mod that doesn’t make any changes to Jill’s body shape in order to fit the Doom suit.

Those interested can download the Resident Evil 3 Remake Jill Valentine Doom Slayer mod via Nexusmods.

Both Resident Evil 3 Remake and Doom Eternal are available globally now for PC and consoles. This mod is only available for the PC version of the game.

Resident Evil 3 Remake was released globally last year. Our very own Nathan Birch reviewed the game upon release and praised its visuals, dodge mechanics, thrills, and character development.

Ultimately though, the new Resident Evil 3 shines the brightest when it comes to characterization. Jill was a bit of a blank slate in the original game and Carlos was downright annoying. A new opening sequence, which actually starts out in first-person ala Resident Evil 7, elegantly sets up why Jill is still hanging around Raccoon City (something the PS1 game never bothered to answer) and establishes her mental state. Understandably, Jill is in a dark place and dealing with some serious trust issues following the events of the first Resident Evil, leading to some testy exchanges with Carlos, but as the game progresses, we see her open up and once again become the badass we all know she is. As for Carlos, he’s no longer the whiny superfluous sidekick, but an able and honorable protagonist in his own right. Yeah, he goes a little heavy on the pickup lines early on, it wouldn’t be Carlos if he wasn’t at least a little irritating, but by the end of the game he’s fully redeemed. Honestly, I wouldn’t be at all upset if this Carlos popped back up in Resident Evil 8 or some other future game. Overall, while fans may bemoan some cuts, Capcom’s changes have resulted in a smoother-flowing, more involving Resident Evil 3.

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