Red Dead Online Beta Gets Gun Rush Fixes; Next Title Update Due in the Coming Months

Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games shared the details of a small update pushed for the ongoing Red Dead Online beta. Its main purpose was to improve matchmaking for the Gun Rush Battle Royale inspired mode that debuted recently.

Gun Rush Feedback & Matchmaking Improvements

Following the launch of the new Gun Rush mode, we identified a few matchmaking issues, some of which we have addressed with short-term improvements and all of which we are working towards more permanent and proper fixes for in the longer term. The minor improvements should help generate fuller lobbies and we will add more fixes in upcoming title updates. Gun Rush is best experienced with as many competitors as possible, so if you had any issues with smaller lobbies around release, we strongly encourage you to give it another go this weekend as we are already regularly seeing much fuller matches on both PS4 and Xbox One.

The developers have also revealed that additional improvements and features will be added to the Red Dead Online beta with an upcoming Title Update scheduled for release in the coming months.

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More to Come

Our teams are currently working on lots of fixes, changes and improvements to the game based on player feedback including the quality of life improvements that we detailed in our last status updateProximity-Based Player BlipsParley Changes with quicker access to Feuding, Law and Bounty Improvements to discourage griefing while introducing a new Freeroam dynamic between bounty hunters and criminal rogues, plus Daily Challenges with gold nugget rewards and more. We are currently planning to have these and other improvements to the game included in a Title Update scheduled for release in the coming months – we’ll provide more information as we get closer to the date.

Last but not least, Rockstar announced the reward of five Gold Bars that anyone playing during this weekend will get by Tuesday, January 29th.

Have you been playing the Red Dead Online beta and if so, do you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments.

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