Razer Unveils New Pro Line Aimed At The Workplace – Productivity Suite Featuring An All White Aesthetic

Alex Casas

Razer announced the next generation in workplace productivity with the Razer Productivity Suite. The new Pro Click mouse, designed in collaboration with Humanscale, a global leader in workplace ergonomics, the Pro Type keyboard, and Pro Glide surface form a suite of exceptionally comfortable, durable, and high-performance peripherals perfectly styled for any work environment.

Razer Unveils Pro Line Peripherals Aimed at Workplaces- Collaborated With HumanScale To Increase The Ergonomics

The Razer Productivity Suite has been created to enhance workflow and reduce fatigue by drawing on Razer’s years of experience in creating high-performance gaming peripherals, then transferring that expertise to the workplace. With superior engineering and cutting-edge technology, reliability and durability are vastly improved, as well as long-term comfort thanks to the collaboration with ergonomic experts, Humanscale.

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With a chic white finish and subtle gray highlights, the Productivity Suite enhances the look of any workspace and delivers the speed, precision and durability demanded by the modern worker.

“The vast majority of office peripherals are based on one-size-fits-all designs and technology, becoming a source of frustration to the user and hindrance in the working day,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit. “I am incredibly proud of the Razer Productivity Suite that we are unveiling today alongside our partner, Humanscale, to address these issues. We firmly believe that our combined expertise and innovation will take workplace productivity to the next level.”


The stylish looks of the Razer Productivity Suite conceal the high-quality build and componentry used to make a range of very durable products. With the buttons on the Pro Click mouse rated for up to 50 million cycles and the switches on the Pro Type keyboard rated for up to 80 million cycles, the Productivity Suite has some of the highest-rated switches to be found on dedicated office products. This greater durability and longevity results in higher productivity for the lifespan of the product when compared to what is in the market today.


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