Razer Phone vs LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X (Exact Size Comparison Chart)


For a 5.7-inch phone, the Razer Phone combined with all of its bezels seems like a really large phone to carry around in your pocket. However, with severely toned down bezels on the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X, how big is the Razer Phone in comparison? Why don’t you check out our image comparison chart and find out?

Razer Phone Is Still Smaller Than the Galaxy Note 8 Despite That Hefty Bezel Percentage

After significant amounts of effort, and taking exact measurements of each phone which also includes the Razer Phone, we were able to put each handset next to each other on a near-parallel level and see how well they stood from the front view. Even with those massive bezels, the Razer Phone is still a tad bit smaller than the Note 8. After all, there is more than half an inch worth of screen difference (when measured diagonally) between the latest flagship and Samsung’s crown jewel.

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Though you get more screen real estate with the iPhone 8, it is the smallest out of the bunch thanks to those reduced bezels which will equal a device possessing a smaller footprint. However, the bezels on the Razer Phone are actually worth it.

This is because the phone features dual front-firing speakers which have their own dedicated amplifiers and supplemented with a 24-bit DAC, you will be able to enjoy unprecedented sound quality.

Sure it might be big to hold in the hand, but after looking at the Galaxy Note 8, you will probably look at the Razer Phone differently.

Also, let us know down in the comments how you feel about the size of the Razer Phone. We’re eager to hear your thoughts.

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