RAIJNTEK Shows Off Its Massive Morpheus 8057 GPU Heatsink, Designed For Flagship AMD/NVIDIA GPUs With 360W Cooling Power


The MORPHEUS 8057 is an aftermarket graphics card cooler that features not only a wide range of supported graphics cards but also keeps graphics cards incredibly quiet. This cooler is perfect for users that wish to keep even the hottest of graphics card cool under extreme workloads. This cooler offers support for both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, making it perfect no matter which cards users may utilize in their systems.

Raijintek unveils the MORPHEUS 8057, An aftermarket graphics card cooler designed for up to 360 watts of cooling capacity

This aftermarket cooler is a whole heatsink black coated which offers a cooling capacity up to 360 watts of TDP, making it perfect for even the hottest of graphics cards. This VGA cooler doesn't feature any fans to attach; instead, this cooler offers the ability to be mounted to two 120 mm fans with the included fan clips.

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The MORPHEUS 8057 features six heat pipes, although it is stated on Raijintek's website that this cooler features a total of 12 heat pipes. These heat pipes are used to quickly and efficiently move the heat away from the mirror copper base which mounts to the processor for the graphics card then runs through the included heatsink features a total of 129 cooling fins to dissipate the heat efficiently.

This graphics card cooler offers support for both major graphics card manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD. For AMD, users can mount the MORPHEUS 8057 to the Radeon 5600, the Radeon 5600 XT, the Radeon 5700, and the Radeon 5700 XT. While for NVIDIA users, this aftermarket cooler offers support for the RTX family, excluding the RTX Titan series.

One fantastic feature of this cooler is that it comes with copper and aluminum heatsinks for VRMs and other chips on the graphics card itself. These will see more use on the AMD graphics card, but users may still wish to use them on the NVIDIA cards that have chips that get significantly hot during intensive workloads.

Sadly, at the time of writing, Raijintek hasn't released any pricing for this cooler. If users are interested in this cooler, then they should go check out the store page for this fantastic cooler!